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Best Horror Movies Set in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a perfect landscape for horror films. Check out our ranking of the top selection of the six best Las Vegas-themed horror films you must see.

The world’s entertainment capital, Las Vegas, Sin City, is a household name worldwide. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that many legendary movies have been filmed all over the city. Vegas is a prime location for setting captivating storylines filled with luxurious hotels and larger-than-life entertainment. Many film genres use Las Vegas as their backdrop, but did you know that some of the best horrors ever released are based there? Here are some of our favorites.

#6 – The Haunted Casino

The Haunted Casino is a 2007 paranormal horror movie filled with fright and delight. Away from the world of virtual casino games like online poker, blackjack, and roulette. This film focuses on one casino in particular that Mathew, the main character, inherits from his uncle. The casino is in a bad state, but together with his girlfriend and a few other friends, they head to the property to see what is going on. It isn’t long before they learn the casino is haunted and become victims of paranormal activity. Perhaps it’s not a groundbreaking plot, but it’s still a fun watch to feel a little spooked.

#5 – Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead sees a horde of zombies running loose on the streets of Las Vegas, with mercenaries needing to take charge of the problem. They venture into zones that have been quarantined with the hope that they can remove all the issues the city is facing. This movie stars big names such as Nathalie Emmanuel, Dave Bautista, and Chris D’Elia and is directed by Zack Snyder. It has a few plot twists to keep the entertainment factor at a high while also offering great shots of Sin City.

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#4 – Hostel III

With its cult movie style and legendary director, this film is a surefire Vegas classic. An extended story of four friends is told in the third installment of this series. While attending a bachelor party on the Las Vegas strip, things go awry when one of the group members goes missing. This is where Hostel: Part III’s nightmare begins, based on shocking events witnessed in the last movie. 

#3 – Fright Night

If you’re looking for the perfect Las Vegas-themed horror film you can enjoy with friends, this is an excellent choice. It’s a remake of an 80s classic with a twist. Throughout the story, we follow the life of high-school senior Charley (played by Anton Yelchin), one of the school’s most popular students. In the role of Amy, Imogen Poots gives an excellent performance as one of the most sought-after girls on campus. As everything seems to be going well, Charley encounters his new neighbor, Jerry (played by Colin Farrell), and runs into trouble. Since no one believes him, Charley has to take matters into his own hands when he believes something is wrong with Jerry. As Charley deals with the Jerry problem, David Tennant plays an illusionist named Peter, whose character helps him in the right direction. A movie filled with a star-studded cast, this has got to be on your horror film hit list.

#2 – Spirits of the Dead

Spirits of the Dead has, in our eyes, unfairly fallen down the ladder of three unbelievably talented directors’ histories. Still, we think it’s worth searching for, even if it’s just for the William Wilson section alone. The film is based on the short story written by legendary horror writer Edgar Allan Poe with William Wilson. It focuses on an army officer who murders his doppelganger. The film has a specific scene where Wilson, played by Alain Delon, comes to blows with a glowing Brigitte Bardot in a Las Vegas casino. This card game goes down in horror film history as one we are not likely to see again in any horror movie soon.

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#1 – Resident Evil: Extinction

The third release in the Resident Evil series, this film is filled with more horror and chill than has ever been seen before throughout this already spooky series. Extinction tells the story of Alice (played by Milla Jovovich), a girl captured by the Umbrella Corp. During her capture, Alice is given genetic alteration that results in her obtaining superhuman powers. Set in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alice hides out. She eventually joins forces with a few of her former friends, such as Carlos, played by Oded Fehr, and L.J., played by Mike Epps. The group comes together with extra members of Alice’s team, all to fight a deadly virus that threatens to transform all the humans on Earth into zombies. If you are already a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, this is an edition you won’t want to miss.

Popcorn Time

Now that you have a list of our favorite Las Vegas-based horror films, you may never look at Sin City the same ever again. It’s time to grab some popcorn, gather your friends and family together, and sit down for a night filled with horror, gore, spookiness, and zombies at every corner.