Bar-St-Denis Montreal Restaurant review Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Bar-St-Denis

“This could very well be your new favourite restaurant.”

The following is a capsule review of the Montreal restaurant Bar-St-Denis. To read the 2023 Montreal restaurant guide, please click here.


Having taken over the space formerly home to a dive bar of the same name back in 2018, Bar-St-Denis remains one of Montreal’s most underrated restaurants. Owned and operated by Au Pied de Cochon alumni Emily Homsy and David Gauthier, Bar-St-Denis has built a cult reputation for its easygoing atmosphere, genuine hospitality and undeniably excellent food. Often irreverent but always delicious, the menu oscillates from French to Italian to Lebanese with relative fluidity. Backed by a very solid beverage program and sharp restaurant design, this could very well be your new favourite restaurant. (6966 St-Denis)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Bar-St-Denis

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