Montreal Palestinian flag road rage

Photo by W. Santos

Montreal author in road rage incident over Palestinian flag

A Tunisian woman in Montreal was the victim of the author’s physical and harsh verbal harassment this week. The shocking incident was captured on video.

Montreal author Lauren Wise was captured on video during a road rage incident yelling hateful comments at another driver, stating that the woman “should be raped and dragged in the street in front of (her) kids” for having a Palestinian flag displayed in her window.

Wise also allegedly rammed into the other car, whose driver is said to be a Tunisian woman. Believing that her actions would have no consequences, Wise is shown in the video taunting the woman by encouraging her to post the video and tag her on social media.

Wise has now reportedly been dropped by her publisher.

Montreal author in road rage incident over Palestinian flag

This incident follows a series of massacres in Israel by the terrorist group Hamas on Saturday. Their deadly attack by air, sea and on the ground has prompted a war between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip, with innocent civilians on both sides of the Israel/Palestine border caught in the crossfire.

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