Five fun indoor activities to try at home

Technology has revolutionized entertainment without even leaving home.

When home alone on a Friday, not everyone wants to step out to see friends or take a stroll. TV shows don’t appeal to everyone either, and some people just don’t want to indulge in an outdoor activity.

In situations like this, finding fun activities that maintain the thrill of Fridays is crucial. Most people can easily play games online. Whether they are hitting multiple slot machine paylines or enjoying an online poker night with virtual friends, technology can spice up an evening even in the comfort of home. Here are five other ways homebodies can enjoy their day without leaving home.

Play games online

Today’s online gaming industry is known for diverse games that cater to different personalities. A food lover, for example, can try cooking games like Cooking Fever. For those who are into the thrill, battlefield games like PUBG are the one. And for those who would love to earn money alongside enjoying a game, slot machine paylines are an interesting way to rake in some cash. 

Try board games

It is hard to go wrong playing Scrabble or Monopoly. It might be difficult to imagine crouching over a game of Scrabble alone, with a glass of wine on the side, but there are other options. Players can access several board games online, and they can play these games with other players worldwide, including friends. Monopoly is always the best option for anyone with a thing for buying and selling properties.

Cook a meal

When it comes to culinary skills, it is the experience (or lack of it) that matters. Homebodies can watch cooking shows from chefs or explore menus from restaurants in their area, and try to make similar dishes. They can also try out old recipes from grandmother’s cookbook to see if they can make a meal taste just like hers. Cooking is also handy for a date at home or bonding with family. Plus, friends can be invited over for a meal after.

Do karaoke

Contrary to popular belief, karaoke isn’t only for birthdays and Christmas nights. Even when home alone, individuals can bring out the mics and jam to iconic songs. It could be a classic from Whitney Houston, the lyrics from the electrifying band Queen, or even from the popstar Rihanna. It’s also a perfect activity to bond with family and belting out some favorite songs can even be therapeutic. 

Complete a puzzle

Puzzles are intellectual games that can be thrilling and calming. While a homebody may spend hours putting the pieces together, finishing a puzzle provides a sense of accomplishment they may not have realized they needed. Individuals can play puzzle games with friends, complete challenges together, and create memories that’ll last forever.


Technology has revolutionized entertainment without even leaving home. Any homebody can bask in the luxury of the internet to spice up their day with any of these games, with or without friends and family.