How to Choose the Right E-Liquid: A Guide for Vapers

It’s important to choose a reputable manufacturer that tests their products properly.

With cigarettes, people only had one single flavour to choose from for thousands of years – tobacco. One of the most attractive things about vaping is that you can choose to inhale a vapour of pretty much any flavour imaginable. Whether you like cherry pie or walnut muffins, you can probably find an option that’s perfect for you. Here’s how to find the right e-liquid.

Work out what nicotine strength you want

While you can choose what flavour you want when purchasing e-liquids, you can also choose between a wide range of different nicotine strengths. This can be especially useful if you’re using vapes from trusted sites as a way of transitioning away from cigarettes – you can start with a relatively high nicotine strength, and work your way down until you’re eventually no longer dependent. If you just want to vape for the fun of it or for the social aspect, you can even choose to use a nicotine-free vape. 

What flavour do you want?

This is where it gets fun – choosing flavours. It’s pretty much a rule of thumb that if you can think of a smell or taste, someone has made it into an e-liquid. This obviously doesn’t mean that all of those attempts at creating a new flavour are successful, but it’s for you to decide which ones you like.

You can go for more ‘standard’ flavours such as tobacco or mint, or if you have a bit of a sweet tooth and want something of that variety, you can choose an option like mint choc chip or banoffee pie. 


You may have heard the terms VG and PG thrown around, and while it’s not essential to know what they mean, it’s good to be informed. VG stands for vegetable glycerin, while PG stands for propylene glycol.

These two components tend to form the base of most e-liquids; VG intensive vape juices tend to make thicker clouds, while PG dominant options tend to be a little harsher on the throat. Ultimately, which one you prefer will be down to personal preference, and you may have to try out a few different options to see what you enjoy.

Quality of the brand

There’s obviously a lot of variation in terms of the quality of vape juices out there. Pretty much all reports surrounding unsafe vapes have been as a result of people using unregulated brands with unsafe ingredients, making it important that you choose a high-quality manufacturer like Lost Mary that tests their stuff. Look to see what kinds of industry regulations they comply with, and do a quick Google search to see if they have any negative press.

E-liquids for vapes aren’t expensive, meaning that it’s totally reasonable to build up a collection while finding the right one for you. While it’s definitely great to explore with lesser-known flavours, just remember how important it is to choose a reputable manufacturer that tests their stuff properly. Beyond that, you can’t really go wrong!