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After the Metallica Concert, What Do Montreal Residents Look Forward to?

There is a lot to do and see in Montreal.

You can do many incredible things in Montreal, whether as a resident or just visiting the city. You can go skiing, visit museums and lively markets, go shopping, have fun by the beaches, and enjoy savory cuisines. If you’re adventurous and love festivals and music, Montreal is the place to be and the country’s cultural juggernaut. 

Well, if you spend your free time gaming at the top online casinos Canada, you’ll not miss a festival that guarantees amazing adventures to pass the time. Montreal’s calendar is ever-crowded and lit up with fantastic festivals and many other entertaining activities to pursue. These lively and electrifying events attract all the locals and visitors around the massive stages of concerts, parades, and cinemas. 

A quick guide to the many festivities in the city includes the Montreal Pride, an event held every August annually. With hundreds of artists expected to grace incredible festivals in the city, the Metallica concert was a massive attraction for the residents. 2023 has been a great year so far for the residents of Montreal; they got to experience the Metallica fever after many years of waiting.  

The Metallica Concert — What You Missed

Approximately 80,000 fans and many others watching from their designated places were able to catch the heavy metal band playing live in Montreal. The Olympic Park was fully packed, with tickets selling out for the two-day tour on August 11 and 13. Those who couldn’t attend the event could also experience the Metallica fever at the cinemas where films about the heavy metal band were the attraction. 

The M72 World Tour by Metallica has been a huge attraction since they released their latest album, 72 Seasons. For the residents of Montreal, this has been a dream come true to see the band in their city. The tour began on April 27, 2023, in Amsterdam, and it was a great moment for many residents to witness such an experience at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. 

What’s more interesting is for those who missed the event at Big O, Metallica still got it, and their fans are loyal and devoted. If you’ve been listening to and following Metallica music and tours, their latest album is electrifying, and the Montreal concert was all perfect. The show was not about the newness of the heavy metal band’s music. It was about the Montreal community celebrating the moment, familiarizing themselves with Metallica, and keeping the belief alive.

What Next for the Metallica Family?

Metallica has been to Montreal before, and this will not be their last concert. You can also catch up on a few cinema films or visit the pop-up stores and get Metallica merchandise, including a basic tour line. Show off your love for Metallic by rocking their tour line, from hoodies, t-shirts, flags, beanies, hats, and posters.

Special performances by friends or tribute bands will give you a feel of the heavy metal band. For those who missed their concert in Montreal, catch them on YouTube and other platforms. Because Montreal remains Canada’s home of major festivals, don’t write your story and end the journey with the 2023 Metallica concert. 

You can look forward to attending the Montreal country music festival LASSO. The MUTEK Montreal 2023 festival will attract audiences and artists from all walks of life. Get passes for Montreal concerts at the pop culture festival and enjoy amusing days of art, music, and parties. Sum it up by enjoying delicious and savory pub grub and drinks at your favorite spots in the city. Montreal speaks to and attracts all, and there is a lot to do and see.