Today is free adoption day at SPCA Montreal

Dogs, cats, rabbits and other critters of all sizes and ages are available free of charge at the SPCA, which took in double the number of animals as usual following Moving Day this year.

The SPCA Montreal is putting out a call to local animal lovers, waiving all pet adoption fees today only in an effort to find forever homes for the surplus of animals that arrived in the shelter following Moving Day on July 1. The adoption services at the SPCA, located at 5215 Jean-Talon W., will be open till 8 p.m. tonight, and adoption counsellors will be on hand for guidance.

“The shelter usually takes in about 100 companion animals each week but, last week, nearly 200 needed our help. And now these dogs, cats, rabbits and other critters need YOUR support! An astonishing number of animals — of all ages and sizes — are waiting to be adopted at the shelter.”

For more, please visit the SPCA Montreal website.

Today is free adoption day at SPCA Montreal

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