The Best Nigerian Restaurants in Montreal

Whether you’re a city resident or a traveller, here’s a list of the best Nigerian restaurants worth trying in Montreal.

With a population of more than two million people, Montreal is home to more than 120 ethnic communities. Each of them influences and shapes the city differently. And like its efforts to acknowledge traditions of Japan, France, and Italy, the city also shows support for the Nigerian culture.

Nigerian communities occasionally come together to celebrate special events. They gather as a part of the growing community organizations like the Nigerian Canadian Association of Quebec. In addition to this, the city has also united through food. 

Not only are there stores selling ingredients and delicacies that make it possible for anyone to prepare the most delicious dishes, Montreal has some of the best Nigerian restaurants as well.

So, whether you’re a city resident or a traveller, here’s a reliable and top-rated list of the best Nigerian restaurants worth trying in Montreal.

Top Nigerian Restaurants


While Akwaba is not located at the centre of the city, it’s definitely worth travelling to. From okra soup and jollof rice to braised chicken and plantain, the restaurant goes above and beyond. It makes sure that it serves fusion cuisine inspired by African and international dishes.

You also have the option to cap your dining experience with something sweet. Apparently, everyone who goes there never misses its African doughnuts in pineapple syrup. So, that may be worth ordering as well.

Restaurant L’Escape

You can always elevate your Nigerian dining experience by visiting Restaurant L’Escape. It serves main highlights like ogbono, bitter leaf soup, egusi, and the traditional fufu. The restaurant also serves large food portions, impressive table services, and luxury decor that is all about aesthetics.

You also have a large seafood selection of food to choose from like mackerel and grilled tilapia. These come with different salads and plantains. If you’re keen on trying something “special,” you can always ask for the Fire Escape. It is a popular spicy-mix dish that includes fresh vegetables, chicken, potatoes, and (again), plantain.

Restaurant Hot Africa

With Restaurant Hot Africa, you can take advantage of affordable prices, large portions, and different African dishes. From braised sea bass and roasted lamb, to a choice between rice and plantain. The options don’t stop there. So, depending on what you’re craving at the time, you can always visit the place for a great lunch or takeout.

Planning to stay indoors tonight? Well, that’s not an issue because this restaurant allows its customers to order any one of their African foods for delivery. If you are an Uber Eats customer, you can get your food delivered to you in no time.

Le Virunga

Planning to impress someone? Well, Le Virunga is the perfect restaurant to try. Not only is their food presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. It also offers the best fine dining experience. This includes having a menu that offers different African wines, mainly inspired by South Africa. Plus, you have starters and impressive main dishes to try. These include dishes like duck breast, beef sirloin, mashed cassava, leg of mutton, goat stew and more.