le Piment Rouge reopening Montreal restaurant

Legendary Montreal restaurant le Piment Rouge reopening in September

Fans of upscale Chinese cuisine can look forward to a new Parc Ex location of a Montreal classic.

The long-awaited reopening of the legendary Montreal restaurant le Piment Rouge is slated for the second week of September, after Labour Day. Known for its upscale Chinese cuisine, le Piment Rouge is re-establishing itself in Parc Ex, with more of a neighbourhood-restaurant feel than its previous incarnations, according to project coordinator Virginia Casale.

The Montoni group first announced that le Piment Rouge would be reopening in their building at 495 Beaumont back in Jan. 2022. The project was three years in the making — the amount of time it took them to convince Piment Rouge founder Hazel Mah to revive the business, which previously served its primarily Sichuanese and Cantonese delicacies on Metcalfe and later at le Windsor in downtown Montreal, from 1979 to 2014.

The project was further postponed due to the bureaucracy around immigration from China, which has delayed the arrival of the new Piment Rouge chefs, according to Casale. The restaurant is currently hiring wait staff and busboys.

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