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The top 5 pizzas in Canada include none from Montreal

No love for Montreal, but one Quebec City pizzeria did rank among the best at this year’s la Pizza Week.

La Pizza Week has announced the winners of this year’s festival, compiling the top 5 pizzas in Canada for its 2023 edition, as voted by festival participants in Montreal and across the country. Over 500 restaurants across Canada participated this year, and none of the winners were from Montreal.

(Conversely, 4 of the 5 best poutines in Canada during la Poutine Week this year were in Montreal, and all were in the province of Quebec.)

The top spot went to la Papa’s Gourmet Pizza in Vancouver for their “Philly cheesesteaks” pizza, while Pasquale’s Italian Ristorante in Winnipeg took second place for their pizza called “Winner, Winner Steak Pizza Dinner.” In third place was “Elizabeth’s Pie” from Hornby Island Bakery & Pizzeria in Hornby Island, B.C.

The top 5 pizzas in Canada from la Pizza Week 2023

1. “Philly cheesesteaks” — Papa’s Gourmet Pizza, Vancouver, B.C.

“Sourdough crust with our pizza sauce and mozzarella, onion, mushroom, beef steaks, green pepper and cheddar cheese.”

2. “Winner, Winner Steak Pizza Dinner” — Pasquale’s Italian Ristorante, Winnipeg, MB

“Shaved sirloin, Saute thyme, Roasted Garlic Button Mushrooms, Creamy Potato Slices, Caramelized Onion, Mozzarella, on a Blue Cheese Parmesan Alfredo Crust , Fresh scallions, side of Ranch Dressing.”

3. “Elizabeth’s Pie” — Hornby Island Bakery & Pizzeria, Hornby Island, B.C.

“Pesto, Onions, Spinach, Fresh Garlic, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Mozzarella, topped with Feta, on a light thin crust.”

4. “Pizza Datterinia” — Verace, Quebec City, QC

“Fior di latte (or bufala), tomatoes, red and yellow Vesuvius datterini, organic basil, oregano, extra virgin olive oil.”

5. “Works” — Noor’s Mediterranean kitchen, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS

“Pizza sauce, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, salami, bacon, pepperoni and cheese.”

Check out photos of the top 5 best pizzas in Canada in the slider below.

The top 5 pizzas in Canada include none from Montreal

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