CS2 Skins: What to Do with CS:GO Skins?

With CS2 about to be released, it’s time to seriously start thinking about which skins to keep, which skins to get and which skins to sell to be at the top of your game right from the release date!

Hello there! Are you also a fan of the most popular first-person shooter ever created? Have you been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a while now? If your answer to the above is yes, then you probably already know that the game will soon get a major update.

Counter-Strike 2, the sequel to the legendary FPS game CS:GO, is set to launch in summer 2023. The new game promises to include new maps, rework old ones, improve graphics, weapons, modes, input lags, and more! But what does this upgrade mean for the skins of CS:GO and any CSGO store, (some of them you can find here) that keeps them?

For most players, skins are simply cosmetic items that they use to personalize their weapons and characters and show off their style. But for many, it can also be a source of income.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and Counter-Strike 2 skins can be bought and sold on many platforms, and experienced traders can make insane profits. If you’ve been trading and purchasing skins, you might be worried about what will happen to your CS:GO skins when CS2 comes out. 

Will they become obsolete or more valuable? How can you trade them effectively and make the most of the new game? We are here to answer these questions and to give you some insights on how to profit with CS2 skins.

What Happens to Your CS:GO Skin Collections?

First, you need to know that trading CS2 skins will not be very different from trading CS:GO skins. The same platforms and methods will be available, and the same factors will affect the prices and demand for the skins: 

● the rarity;

● the condition;

● any pattern indices. 

However, there will be some changes that you should familiarize yourself with before CS2 is released in order to make informed trading decisions. Before we get into what you should be doing right now, know that any skins you may have in your current CS:GO inventory will automatically transfer over to CS2 as well. Whoo, that’s a load off the shoulders!

How to Stay Prepared for CS2’s Trading Scene

Many players have considered selling their current skins to see which ones look best in CS2 and getting those when it comes out. Our advice is to take your time to think things through before selling your CS:GO skins instead of rushing into it immediately. In fact, it might be a good idea to hold on to them for a while, as they may increase in value after the launch of CS2.

Counter-Strike’s sequel is bound to attract many new and old players who want to try it out. This will create a high demand for existing skins, especially the more popular and rare ones. Some of the most expensive and desired skins in CS:GO will be harder to obtain and more in demand by newer players. If you have any of these skins in your inventory, keep them until the prices go up.

Of course, not all CS:GO skins will increase in value in CS2. Some of them will lose their appeal or become outdated in the new game. More straightforward skins might not look as good as the complex skins since they can’t take advantage of the new reflection and lighting systems of the Source 2 engine. To trade profitably, you should keep an eye on the trends of the rise and fall in skin prices and see which ones are gaining or losing popularity.

Follow the People Who Know and Set the Trends

It’s okay if you feel lost and do not know how to check these things. We’re here to show you exactly how to do your research! Follow famous streamers that stream CS2 with preview access and see which skins they buy and use in the game. Streamers are, more often than not, the influencers who set the trends and preferences of the gaming community.

Watching their streams lets you understand which skins are hot and trendy since they’ll be using the flashiest skins to attract the most viewers. Next, follow famous, experienced traders on Twitter or YouTube and keep an eye on the skins they recommend. These adept traders know how to analyze the market and predict future prices and demand for Counter-Strike skins. By following their advice at this crucial time, you could end up making a killing once CS2 rolls out and prices for skins change.

DMarket: Your Best Trading Friend

The easiest and most convenient way to monitor the trends of CS2 skins without relying on others is to use DMarket, a platform that allows the trading of CS:GO and CS2 skins in a safe and convenient manner. Head on over to DMarket and monitor the prices of the skins in your inventory regularly to avoid any losses once prices start changing. 

DMarket is a great monitoring tool and the best choice for trading CS2 skins, thanks to its utmost devotion to security and convenience. It uses blockchain technology to secure your transactions and deliver your skins and funds within minutes!


With CS2 about to be released, it’s time to seriously start thinking about which skins to keep, which skins to get and which skins to sell to be at the top of your game right from the release date! Skins are a big part of the new CS2; you should not ignore them. Trading CS2 skins will not be all that different from trading CS:GO skins; it’s a process that we are all familiar with.

While it may not seem like the best idea initially, don’t sell your CS:GO skins in hopes of buying better ones for CS2. Who knows, the skins you own might make it big in CS2! Keep following the trends with streamers and experienced traders. Check the prices over at DMarket regularly, and there’s no way you’ll make any mistakes! 

Once you’ve made a considered decision, DMarket can help you put your trading plans into action with the lowest fees on the market and the fastest, safest delivery of your goods!