What are the Fastest Withdrawal Methods in Canadian Online Casinos?

Fast withdrawals hold significant importance for many casino players, as they prioritize the convenience and efficiency of accessing their winnings promptly.

Far too many people choose online casinos without considering payments. Sure, bonuses are sweet and live poker is exciting. But don’t create an account before you’re certain that a casino pays out money to winners consistently.

Fast withdrawals hold significant importance for many casino players, as they prioritize the convenience and efficiency of accessing their winnings promptly. The swiftness of withdrawals builds trust and reliability, enhancing the overall satisfaction of the players. Moreover, fast withdrawals cater to the specific financial needs and goals of players who require immediate access to their funds, enabling them to manage their finances effectively and capitalize on their winnings with ease. However,not every gambling site processes money fast. 

And not every payment method supports quick payments. For a comprehensive list of the fastest withdrawal casinos in Canada, you can visit Online-Casinos.com. This resource provides valuable insights and recommendations for players seeking fast payout options. Below you will find some of the fastest withdrawal methods in Canadian online casinos.


IDebit is Canada’s solution for slow wire transfers. It acts as a link between your bank and your favorite online casino. IDebitdoes not store your account login information and neither can it access your money.

It’s a secure payment company designed to facilitate quick online payments. It works with leading Canadian banks, including the Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, and Bank of Canada.

Withdrawals done through iDebit takes an average of 24 hours. This is on par with most e-wallets and much faster than traditional wire transfers. It’s also cheaper than bank payments—iDebit charges you C$1.5 per transaction.


MuchBetter is an online payment method founded in 2017. It works like an e-wallet, debit card, and digital voucher. That means you add money to your card directly from your bank. You can use Interac, Bitcoin, eps, or your preferred credit/debit card.

Alternatively, you can buy a MuchBetter voucher card at a variety of stores in Canada. Stores sell MB vouchers in denominations of $20, $50, or $100. When it comes to banking at online casinos, MuchBetter works like every other payment provider.

Choose the e-Wallet when selecting your preferred payment method. It’s free to deposit money to casinos using MB. But you should expect a small fee during withdrawals. 


Bitcoin casinos are all the rage, these days. They have huge bonuses, hundreds of slots, and higher limits than standard online casinos. But how fast do they process payouts?

The average Bitcoin transaction takes 10 minutes. If you choose Ethereum, the transaction time reduces to five minutes. Some altcoins—XRP, USDT, Solana, and Litecoin—offer much faster payouts.

That said, casinos play a role in determining how fast you will receive your money.  At the fastest gambling sites, a request to withdraw your money through crypto takes a couple of hours.


Visa and MasterCard are the two most popular payment methods online. Almost every online casino accepts both of these cards. The explanation is straightforward. Visa and MasterCard are easily accessible.

We’ll admit. Both Visa and MasterCard are slightly more expensive for online casino payments. Sure, deposits are instant and free. But you should expect a 2% to 3% fee for withdrawals.

When it comes to speed, Visa/MasterCard withdrawals take 24 hours to 72 hours. Using cards is faster than using wirepayments. But it’s still slower than using Bitcoin or leading e-wallet companies.


Interac is iDebit’s biggest competitor. It’s a way to transfer money electronically to anyone in Canada. Interac uses online banking to facilitate payments that can be processed within 30 minutes. 

Interac has a minimum deposit limit of $10 and a maximum of $2500. These limits apply to adding funds to your account. To use the company’s e-Transfer service, the limits range from $25 to $25,000.

Although Interac has a 30-minute transfer window, it supports instant payments to online casinos. What’s more, these transactions are free of charge. The only time you pay a fee is during withdrawals. 

Interac is incredibly cheap—fees vary from $0.11 to $0.56 per transaction. Withdrawals made through Interac last an average of 24 hours.


E-checks work like traditional paper checks. After you authorize the transaction, your bank deducts money from your account and deposits it into the recipient casino’s account.

E-checks work through online forms. You specify the payment amount. The casino provides its bank details. Next, the e-Check payment processor verifies that all the information is correct and that you have enough money to cover the payment in your bank account.

The biggest benefit of using an e-Check for casino deposits is speed. Payments processed to merchants are instant and free. Another benefit is that you can’t lose an e-Check.

When it comes to withdrawals, this payment method takes 1-2 days to process your money. That being said, you can set e-Check as your preferred payment method for recurring casino deposits.

Google Pay (G Pay)

Google Pay is a relatively new payment method. Google first launched a digital wallet in 2013. Back then, the company was known as Google Wallet. The tech giant later rebranded its wallet to Android Pay in 2015 and then to G Pay in 2018.

Google Pay works like most e-wallets. You can use the app to send or request money from others. You can also use the app to find your friends through their email addresses, phone numbers, or names.

If you want to deposit money to a casino through G Pay, add a card to your account. Google doesn’t reveal your card numbers to casinos, though. It shows them a virtual card. What’s more, it encrypts your data for extra safety. 

Similar to most digital wallets, G Pay supports instant payments. However, your casino may take up to 24 hours before processing money requested through the e-wallet.