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Here’s what’s hot at Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques 2023

16 nights of spectacular international theatre and dance are coming c/o FTA, from May 24 to June 8.

The 17th edition of the Festival TransAmériques is happening in Montreal from May 25 through June 8, 2023, celebrating not only contemporary dance and theatre, but also the telltale signs that spring has officially arrived in the city.

“The heart of our mission is to seek new encounters, to project ourselves outward, to be uplifted. Our bodies need to move, to laugh, to dance, to wander off and find back home,” said Martine Dennewald and Jessie Mill, the festival’s co-artistic directors, of this year’s edition. “The festival is an extraordinary hub with the capacity to recreate community and give it meaning.”

The Festival TransAmériques is a great opportunity to engage with a wide variety of performing arts by artists from across the world, as well as local ones. 23 performances stemming from 18 different countries are expected for this year’s edition of FTA, which will take place in both indoor and outdoor venues across the city. Here are eight performances you won’t want to skip out on.

Creation Destruction

Festival TransAmériques 2023
Creation Destruction at Festival TransAmériques 2023. Photos by Phillip Nathaniel-Saunders

You won’t want to miss this free performance that features 11 dancers and 12 musicians, which takes place at the Esplanade Tranquille. This performance, by choreographer Dana Gingras, aims to raise awareness and garner action surrounding environmental destruction while offering spectators a visceral experience that they won’t soon forget. 

When: May 25–27

Where: Esplanade Tranquille


Inspired by ancient wisdom and history, Marrakech-born choreographer Radouan Mriziga presents a performance that transports viewers to a space of knowledge sharing, as well as a place for reflection. This performance includes eight talented performers and incorporates dance, music, poetry and more. 

           When: May 25–27

           Where: Usine C (1345 Lalonde)

Navy Blue

Navy Blue FTA Festival TransAmériques 2023
Photo by Sinje Hasheider

Inspired by Northern Ireland’s past, Belfast-based choreographer Oona Doherty utilizes the medium of dance to address Ireland’s historical instances of violence, patriarchy and religion, making for a memorable and unsettling performance.

When: May 30, 31 & June 1

Where: Maisonneuve Theatre (260 de Maisonneuve W.)


Dana Michel’s brilliant dialogue-free performance will centre on modern work culture, encouraging audience members to reflect on their authentic selves in contrast to the selves they may portray in different spaces. 

            When: June 1–4

Where: 200 Sherbrooke W. (SH-4800)

Bronx Gothic

Bronx Gothic FTA
Photo by Marion Vogel

U.S.-based dancer and choreographer Okwui Okpokwasili presents Bronx Gothic, a haunting multidisciplinary solo performance that confronts the themes of violence and desire through the eyes of a young black girl residing in the Bronx. 

            When: June 6 to 8

Where: 1435 Bleury

In My Body

Festival TransAmériques 2023
Photo by Jerick Collantes

Choreographer Crazy Smooth’s In My Body explores the human experience of aging through choreography performed by nine breakdancers of various ages. The performance meshes dance with other artistic media, such as spoken word.

           When: June 2–4

Where: 1182 St-Laurent

The Making of Pinocchio

The Making of Pinocchio
Photo by Tiu Makkonen

In this comedic and emotional performance, Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill repurpose the classic tale of Pinocchio to explore the theme of gender transition. The performance promises to be a magical experience that will linger on the minds of spectators. 

When: May 25–27

Where: 4750 Henri-Julien


Festival TransAmériques 2023
Photo by Marys

Inuk artists Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and Vinnie Karetak will address the forced displacement that has greatly impacted their ancestors through a thoughtful and moving performance. 

When: June 3–6

Where: 1182 St-Laurent

Along with the 24 performances and installations, additional events will be available for festival goers, including post-talk shows with artists and FTA workshops for artists. People can also head over to the Quartier général, located at 175 Président-Kennedy, to relax, socialize or even engage in an impromptu dance session with friends. This area will remain open and free for individuals throughout the duration of the festival.

The majority of venues featured at this year’s festival are accessible for those with reduced mobility, and free tickets can be issued to those with a Companion Leisure Card. Video excerpts of the shows will be available on the festival’s website. 

It’s also worth noting that people under 30 or over 65 are eligible for reduced rates for tickets. There is also a deal worth noting that offers tickets to three dance shows for $100 (In My Body, Navy Blue and VÁSTÁDUS EANA — THE ANSWER IS LAND).

For more on FTA and to buy tickets, please visit the Festival TransAmériques website.

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