Rubberband Reckless Underdog Danse Danse Montreal

RUBBERBAND’s Reckless Underdog promises big ballet & hip hop energy and exceptional music

The show by choreographer Victor Quijada, with a soundtrack by Chilly Gonzales, Kid Koala and Vlooper, runs at Place des Arts from April 12 to 15.

Marking their own 20th anniversary, and closing out the season for dance promoter Danse Danse, Montreal company RUBBERBAND is presenting Reckless Underdog at Place des Arts’s Théâtre Maisonneuve from April 12 to 15.

Choreographed by Victor Quijada, and with a soundtrack by Chilly Gonzales, Kid Koala and Alaclair Ensemble’s Vlooper alongside Jasper Gahunia, the three-party Reckless Underdog promises RUBBERBAND’s signature merger of ballet, hip hop culture and contemporary dance. For two decades, Quijada has explored this cross-section of styles, developping “the RUBBERBAND Method.”

According to Danse Danse, this is what spectators can expect from this week’s performances:

“The first act, inspired by classical ballet, unfolds in a luminous mechanical environment where the rules of the pas de deux are redefined. The second act deconstructs the practice of break cypher in a dark and oppressive atmosphere, while the third and final act distorts theatrical codes through an abstract, minimal, colourful and resolutely experimental approach.”

RUBBERBAND’s Reckless Underdog was choreographed by Victor Quijada, with music by Chilly Gonzales, Kid Koala and Vlooper.

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