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Montreal is no longer the most anti-Pierre Poilievre city in Canada

That prestigious title now belongs to Halifax.

According to a study by the Angus Reid Institute, 20% of people in Montreal have a favourable opinion of Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre, slightly higher than in Halifax (18%), where support is the lowest.

The cities in Canada where Poilievre is most favoured are Saskatoon (48%), Edmonton (46%) and Calgary (45%).

Quebec is still the most anti-Pierre Poilievre province in Canada. Just 24% of Quebecers have a favourable opinion of Pierre Poilievre, followed by those in PEI (26%) and Nova Scotia (27%).

Overall, 1 in 3 people in Canada (34%) have a favourable opinion of Pierre Poilievre, including a minority of Canadians in all age groups, income and education levels. The study also found that Pierre Poilievre’s popularity decreases among Canadians who are more educated, while Justin Trudeau’s increases: Poilievre’s favourability rating among university graduates is 23%, while Trudeau’s is 51%. (For the complete table of results, please see page 1 in the report here.)

“Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has had problems of his own in recent months. Three CPC MPs met with Christine Anderson, a German member of European parliament who has been accused of minimizing crimes committed by the Nazis. Poilievre released a statement calling Anderson’s views ‘vile,’ ‘racist’ and ‘hateful,’ but said he would not remove the three MPs from caucus, despite only one of them expressing regrets over the meeting. Instead, Poilievre said ‘what I’m more concerned about is the vile and racist views of the prime minister,’ raising the issue of Trudeau’s wearing of blackface prior to entering politics.”

Montreal is no longer the most anti-Pierre Poilievre city in Canada

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