Jamie Foxx Set to Star in Seven Upcoming Movies

Foxx has had an astounding career to date.

Jamie Foxx has enjoyed a glittering career since gaining international attention for his performance in Ray in 2004. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the role, highlighting his status as one of the best in the business. Aside from being a stunning actor, Foxx is also one of the busiest celebrities in the world and is also known for being an award-winning musician.

Foxx is set to star in a whopping seven movies throughout this year and 2024, boosting his standing as a household name further. These pictures span a range of genres, meaning many viewing demographics will have a chance to see him in action.

Foxx One of the Busiest Actors in Hollywood

There’s no doubt that Foxx is one of the most prolific names in Hollywood. He’s starred in 46 movies to date, and he’ll soon take that count to more than 50. At 55 years of age, that’s pretty good going. Hopefully, he’ll have a chance to add to that tally. It’s not just film in which Foxx has been prolific. He’s also known as a comedian and musician, as well as the face of numerous brands.

Indeed, Foxx has endorsed 19 brands to date, including All Season Sneaker, Apple, and Canon. Most recently, he became the face of BetMGM, an online casino and sportsbook in the USA. Players looking for ideas about where to play often settle on the site for its highly-rated game selection and varied payment options. With Foxx on the advertising, it could become one of the top sites in the country.

In terms of music, Foxx is best known for Unpredictable in 2005, his only two-time Platinum selling album. It featured numerous other well-known artists including Kanye West and Ludacris.

Which Films Will Foxx be Starring in?

Fans of Foxx will be able to see him in two films in 2023 and hear his voice in another. In Strays, he has provided his distinctive vocals for the character, Bug. God is a Bullet and They Cloned Tyrone are the two other pictures he’ll be appearing in, as The Ferryman and Slick Charles respectively. The former is an action thriller, while the latter is a science fiction comedy. The vastly different nature of these movies highlights Foxx’s ability to easily switch between genres.

Foxx is also starring in five other pictures that don’t yet have release dates. Many of them are likely to drop in 2024, while some could be the following year. These include The Burial, Tin Soldier, Back in Action, and Groove Tails. Arguably the most exciting of these is Back in Action, which features Cameron Diaz in her first role since Annie in 2014. Rumors suggest it could be her last picture ever as well. The action comedy from Seth Gordon is set to be released on Netflix.

Foxx has had an astounding career to date. He has an army of followers who will be excited to see him in a plethora of diverse roles this year and next. He’s currently recovering from a health scare, which may slightly delay production on upcoming projects, but we look forward to seeing him bring his magic touch to the titles mentioned throughout this article.