Making the Best of Nightlife from Home in Montreal

Anyone living in Quebec has a few handy tricks to make winter more bearable.

Winter in Montreal is beautiful. From mid-November to March, the city’s temperature plummets—but there are tons of activities to take advantage of. After all, anyone living in Quebec has a few handy tricks to make winter more bearable.

In Montreal, locals can go ice skating, explore the wonders of Igloofest and the Montréal en Lumiere Festival, and head to places like the Nordic Terrace or catch an old film at the Cine Club—all without leaving city limits. In fact, visitors from farther south are often surprised at how much fun winter in Montreal is.

Still, that doesn’t mean inclement weather or even things like a passing cold can throw a wrench into things. After all, winter is the time to stay in and get cozy, and many choose to stay at home rather than head out—particularly at night. If you’re feeling a little glued to the couch, have no fear. Today, there’s actually a lot of quality nightlife that’s accessible straight from your living room.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading for a few activities that bring nightlife to you.

Head to the Virtual Casino

For those craving both excitement and a little bit of mental acrobatics, accessing an online casino is a great option. Casino titles run the gamut from high-production slots to a range of blackjack variants. This means players can select the title that suits their interests for the night, whether they’re looking to explore different strategies at the roulette table or go all-in on a game of Texas Hold’em.

Today, there are even live dealer options. Live dealer games use live streaming technology, letting real-life dealers facilitate the game straight on your screen. From there, you can interact with the dealer like you normally would. In other words, casino technology is incredibly advanced, helping bring the atmosphere of the casino straight to your device.

Play a Game Produced or Set in Quebec

If playing roulette or blackjack isn’t for you, then consider trying out another game—one that’s specifically set in Quebec. If you’re looking for something familiar, then try out a title that takes place in Montreal, including major franchises like Assassin’s Creed and EA Sports UFC. The former series includes two titles that partly take place in Montreal – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed Rogue.

Gamers who want to take a broader approach can also enjoy their night by playing a game that was produced in Montreal. Quebec, along with other Canadian provinces, is home to major studios like Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Games, and Behaviour. Ubisoft is easily the most well-known.

Experience a Performance in the Metaverse

If you have VR technology at your disposal, then you won’t have to do much to find a great source for virtual nightlife. At the moment, VR concerts and performances are becoming incredibly popular. Stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are performing on platforms like Roblox and Decentraland.

If you want to experience VR-based nightlife or even something like Paris Hilton’s Paris World in Roblox, then simply Google upcoming events on your preferred platform. You can also search for VR events in Montreal on sites like Eventbrite. There are arcade events, fitness events, and more. Best of all, given these are local events, they’re also a chance to meet others and socialize.

Join a Silent Rave

Not everyone has access to VR headsets at the moment. And even those who do might still face issues related to the setup. But if you’re ready to dance all night (without leaving your home), then there’s another great option: a silent rave or, depending on your tastes, a silent disco. Silent discos have become popular as alternatives to noisy events.

Though originally designed to help keep parties quiet in respect of neighbours, silent raves have since turned into an international phenomenon. Just like gamers can link up with players around the world, silent rave platforms like My Silent Disco Club allow anyone to host a party with friends. So, if you’re separated from friends by miles but still want to cut a rug, then have no fear—you won’t have to dance alone.