From Idea to Ink: Using Essay Writing Techniques to Launch Your Startup

A number of students launch startups while still in college.

As a student, you may be looking for ways to earn money. It isn’t easy to combine working full or part-time with studying. Another option is to launch a startup that you could handle alongside your academic obligations. You need a viable business option that doesn’t require a great deal of capital to start. Your essay writing skills may provide the answer.

Start small

When launching a startup, you need to start small and find one that plays to your strengths. As a student, you may have gone through a long process to develop your essay writing skills. Launching an essay writing business will play to this strength.  

For this business, you do not need any special equipment, and you can attract in-person and online customers. You could eventually extend the scope of your startup and provide other forms of content writing too. 

Know your target audience

On a university campus, many students are interested in essay writing services. Knowing your target audience intimately gives you an immediate advantage. For example, you know what kind of budget students have to operate on, so you can set your prices accordingly. Customizing your offerings to suit their specific requirements could help you beat out any competition.  

Essay writing service for students

Students at college who want to launch startups may not have time to write a college essay, term paper or thesis. They may decide to find an essay writer at the essay writing service, EduBirdie. A professional writer who understands the assignment instructions and field of study can write essay content for them. This will relieve their stress and give them more time to learn, read prescribed books, and focus on their business ideas and turning them into startups.

What can you offer that other services don’t?

Students may be disappointed with writing services that give them poor-quality content, miss deadlines etc. You may be able to fill the gap and provide them with affordable, quality content that they receive in time. 

They may even want to use you for other purposes, such as writing content for their own startups or e-commerce stores. Some will even be happy to use your services simply because they know they can rely on you.

Advertise your services

You don’t have to invest in paid advertising. There are ways to advertise your services today that cost a little to nothing at all. 

You could place an advert in a university magazine or on message boards, forums, and social networks. In your advertising content, you can showcase your skills and experience. Most students use social media platforms like Instagram, and the way you advertise on this platform could affect your success. 

Create a website

Creating a website for your startup will help you to expand your reach. It isn’t that difficult to create a website today, and it doesn’t have to cost much. 

On your website, you can create a portfolio of your writing and provide examples of different types of content for visitors to see. You can also gather testimonials to help convince new clients to use your services. Writing blog content and other types of content will demonstrate your writing skills to visitors to your website. 

Focus on customer service

If you want to compete with other startups, you need to keep customer satisfaction top of mind. Your dedication to your customers is what can set your startup apart from others. 

Clients are likely to use your services more than once if you show them their needs are important to you. An important factor for clients is the ability to communicate their needs quickly and conveniently. Your clients may need reassurance about the safety of their personal details, and that content is plagiarism free. 

Provide affordable prices

If students are your main target audience, you can’t afford to charge too high prices because they are often on a tight budget. Setting the right prices for your services will increase your chances of success. It is important to make clients aware immediately about your prices, conditions, payment terms etc. For example, you have to decide whether to include revisions in the price and how many to include. 


A number of students launch startups while still in college. They often find it easier to do this than to work full or part-time and study. To achieve success, they need to start small and choose an option that suits their strengths and doesn’t require much starting capital. An essay writing business is an option that fulfills these requirements.