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La Gaspésienne 51 and La Belle Tonki

The 5 best poutines in Canada are all in Quebec, obviously

Montreal variations of our national dish dominated la Poutine Week this year.

La Poutine Week has announced the winners of this year’s festival, compiling the 5 best poutines in Canada for its 2023 edition, as voted by festival participants in Quebec and across the country. Over 1,000 restaurants across Canada participated this year, including over 100 in Montreal.

The top spot went to la Gaspésienne 51 in Quebec City for their “Identity Crisis Poutine,” while la Belle Tonki’s “Tonkiyaki Poutine” took second place. In third place was the “Jalisco Beef Birria Poutine” from le Gras Dur.

The 5 best poutines in Canada from la Poutine Week 2023

1. La Gaspésienne 51 — Identity crisis poutine

“It’s incredible!! We have combined our two most popular dishes: poutine and lasagna!! Our famous lasagna, made with northern shrimp, scallops, lobster, snow crab, salmon and our candied leek sauce. Don’t forget the poutine, with its Le Gaspésien cheese curds, lobster meat from Anticosti Island, Nordic shrimp, homemade fries and the incredible creamy bisque that coats everything.”

2. La Belle Tonki — Tonkiyaki Poutine

“Inspired by Japanese streetfood, we present to you a poutine with takoyaki flavours. Brown sauce made with sake and dashi, octopus cooked in a bath of mirin, bonito, fries, cheese curds, kewpie, okonomikayi sauce, furikake and green onions. The Tonkiyaki poutine will make your palate dance on your first bite just like bonito flakes.”

3. Le Gras Dur — Jalisco Beef Birria Poutine

“This decadent poutine is made with homemade fries, bisque mornay sauce, “Le petit Gaspésien” cheese curds, candied leeks accompanied by a seafood shell!!! Generous portion of snow crab, shrimp and scallops as well as mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and confit garlic are inside this famous shell!!! It is very important for the flavours to mix to reverse the shell on your fries!!”

4. Maamm Bolduc — Beef Poutine from M’Lasse Faubourgs

“Braised beef, mushroom gravy, fries, cheese, carrots, green onions and pickled onions.”

5. Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine — The Polpettine

“At Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine, it’s like this every week. We like to take inspiration from the classics. We add our magic touch. We present to you the Polpettine — it exists for real! Good old Italian poutine à la Simon. It is made with fresh cheese curds. And our famous homemade fries covered with spag sauce that only the chef has the recipe for. 100% homemade fried polpettes, sprinkled with parmigiano reggiano and fried prosciutto. La Polpettine will win the heart of the most seasoned poutine fan!”

Check out photos of the top 5 best poutines in Canada in the slider below.

The top 5 best poutines in Canada from la Poutine Week 2023

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