CCA To Remain in the No Longer exhibition film Joyce Joumaa

The new CCA exhibition examines a socio-economic crisis via an abandoned fairground

Joyce Joumaa’s experimental documentary To Remain in the No Longer focuses on “the story of a promised metropolis that never came to be and its collapse, both literal and societal.”

The new CCA exhibition and documentary film To Remain in the No Longer (by Joyce Joumaa) reflects on Lebanon’s current socio-economic crisis by examining the site of an infinished international fairground. Significant remnants of the project are still standing in the city of Tripoli, where it was commissioned in 1962 and conceived by Oscar Niemeyer. Construction was suspended in 1975 due to the Lebanese Civil War.

“The experimental documentary explores the political and cultural forces that have come to bear on the site, from its halted construction to its imposed abandonment and attempted reappropriations. How has architecture been instrumentalized in the ongoing construction of a national narrative? What is the role of architects in shaping society within corrupt ecologies of power and failed financial engineering?”

To Remain in the No Longer will screen in the CCA’s Octagonal Gallery Wednesdays through Sundays, Feb. 10 to May 28. For more on the film and exhibition, please visit the CCA website.

To Remain in the No Longer by Joyce Joumaa is at the CCA through May 28

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