Montreal drivers shortcuts residential streets

Valérie Plante: “Residential neighbourhoods in Montreal should not be used as shortcuts”

The city has announced traffic-calming measures in an effort to prevent tragic pedestrian deaths.

In the wake of the death of seven-year-old Maria Legenkovska in December, the city is tightening road safety and security measures in the area, specifically around schools, daycares and kids’ parks. In order to reduce the number of Montreal drivers using residential and school streets as shortcuts, traffic-calming measures are being put into place, including making the streets Fullum, Parthenais and de Rouen one-way.

As part of her announcement on Friday, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante noted that drivers should not be using residential neighbourhoods as shortcuts.

“A few weeks ago, young Maria was killed by a driver in Centre-Sud. We will never forget it. Today, we are announcing an acceleration of street security in the entire neighbourhood. We will not compromise on the safety of Montrealers.

“Our residential neighbourhoods should not be used as shortcuts. They are living environments. Travel safety is everyone’s business. Let’s protect the most vulnerable on our roads.”

The plan is a response not only to the recent tragic hit-and-run, but the city’s own objectives with their Vision Zero Action Plan, as well as the Local Travel Plan of Ville-Marie, both of which aim to see zero deaths or serious injuries on the roads in Montreal.

The city has worked on securing the surroundings of nearly 80 schools since 2020. Having doubled the budget dedicated to road safety, the city aims to continue this work at more than 50 establishments frequented by children and seniors this year.

Valérie Plante: “Residential neighbourhoods in Montreal should not be used as shortcuts”

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