Quebec crime Canada severity index

Quebec has the lowest levels of crime in Canada

Despite the consistent decline in crime in the province over the past 25 years, the City of Montreal increased the SPVM budget by $63-million in 2023.

A study by the Angus Reid Institute has analyzed crime rates in Canada, and the perceptions that Canadians have regarding crime in their city and province. According to the Statistics Canada Crime Severity Index (CSI), which measures the volume and severity of crimes across the country that are reported to police, Quebec has the lowest levels of crime in Canada, at 54.3 (per 1,000 people).

The provinces with the highest ratings on the index are Saskatchewan (146.76) and Manitoba (126.92). All three territories in Canada — Northwest Territories (391.27), Nunavut (384.09) and Yukon (213.26) — have CSI ratings that are significantly higher than any province.

As you can see in the graph below, crime levels in Quebec have consistently declined over the past 25 years.

The Angus Reid Institute notes in its report that reporting on crime rates may not portray the true picture, as studies have found that the vast majority of crimes are not reported to the police.

“In 2019, 29% of Canadians indicated that the victimization that they or their household experienced was reported to police. Reporting varied widely depending on the type of crime, from about half of all motor vehicle thefts, break and enters, and robberies, to 6% of sexual assaults.”

—Statistics Canada

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