“We are going to give Quebecers a health network they will be proud of”

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé is promising improvements to a system in disarray.

Health Minister Christian Dubé has released a statement concerning the health network in Quebec, stating that Quebecers will be proud of the results of the province’s Health Plan, once implemented. He also mentioned “setting up two private mini-hospitals to relieve emergency room congestion and offer a better patient experience,” likely in reference to the two private medical clinics (in Montreal and Quebec City) proposed by the CAQ in September.

Tabled in March, the Quebec Health Plan, among other things, included collaborating with private medical clinics to relieve pressure on ERs and requiring family doctors to take on more patients. Progress has been made on both of these goals, according to Dubé, with 500,000 more Quebecers now having access to a family doctor, and the opening of a (public) IPS clinic (staffed by nurse-practitioners) in Montreal, with plans for two more to open this month.

“The Quebec health network is not the only one to suffer the repercussions of the last two and a half years of the pandemic, and the trio of viruses currently raging around the world. We must therefore work on the urgent, but also on the important.

“Since we presented the Health Plan to Quebecers, barely nine months have passed. Now is not the time to get discouraged. We move forward resolutely, with determination. We made a commitment to the population to make our health network more humane and more efficient, and that is what we are going to achieve for Quebecers. We are going to give Quebecers a health network of which they will be proud. I give you my word.”

—Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé

Christian Dubé: “We are going to give Quebecers a health network they will be proud of”

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