Different types of Bingo games that you can play online

Bingo has always been a fun and simple game.

Did you know there are different kinds of bingo games? That’s why bingo is so exciting – you can try the different versions and see what you like the best. And lucky for you, most bingo sites offer the main bingo types. Let’s cover what they are and how you can play them:

Types of Bingo Games

Bingo comes in the following forms, named after the numbers in each version:

a. 30-Ball Bingo

This game, also known as Speed Bingo, features 30 balls at any given time. It works as follows:

  • The gaming cards each have 9 numbers
  • The cards feature a 3*3 grid format
  • All the squares within the grids are filled

The few numbers in this game make it easy for players to mark their cards fast. Whoever matches the winning pattern takes the prize home. So, if you play your cards right and keep up with the pace, you could win the jackpot.

This bingo variation is best for people who prefer quick games. While you may not find this game in most traditional gaming halls, it is common in online bingo sites. So, you can try Speed Bingo if you do not have much time or prefer to play several games consecutively.

b. 75-Ball Bingo

This form of bingo is common in the United States. It also has several derivations which feature some of its common principles, including:

  • The gaming card has 25 squares with 24 numbers
  • The squares fit on a 5*5 grid format
  • The centre square is blank

Usually, players must match a row of numbers. This pattern can be diagonal, horizontal or vertical. In some other games, the patterns differ based on the derivation. However, the gameplay is similar.

This game is much slower than the 30-ball game. It gives you more time to interact with other players and enjoy ticking off the numbers and waiting for the caller.

c. 80-Ball Bingo

While this game has grown in popularity over the years, it was not as common in the 20th century. In fact, its growth owes to the online bingo era, where operators realized they needed a go-between for the 75-ball and 90-ball options. Thus, 80-ball bingo came to be with the following features:

  • Its gaming card has 16 numbers
  • The card features a 4*4 grid format
  • Each row features a range of numbers, e.g., 21-40

Players must match a pattern to win the game. Often, the key patterns are horizontal and vertical lines. But like 75-ball bingo, this game has several derivations that require different patterns to win.

d. 90-Ball Bingo

Most worldwide players opt for this type of bingo. It is also the most common option in the U.K. and other regions where players frequent traditional bingo halls. So, how does it work?

  • The gaming cards feature 9 columns and 3 rows
  • The numbers on the cards follow a randomized pattern
  • Each card features 15 numbers

The winning sequence in this game follows the following pattern. Whoever completes a horizontal row based on the caller’s numbers becomes the first to win. Anyone who completes two entire horizontal rows becomes the second winner. And anyone who gets all the numbers on their card based on the caller gets a full house and the ultimate prize.

This game features lucrative jackpots and prizes and is thus widely played. After all, if you get the numbers right, you can make millions of dollars. You can find this game online and offline.

Winning Bingo Games

The other games you see online are derivatives of these main bingo versions. So, as long as you understand how the main bingo games work, understanding their derivations will come easy. 

How can you win any of these bingo games?

a. Master the Rules: As you have seen, bingo has many variations, and each option differs in winning patterns. An easy way to ensure you put your best foot forward is to learn the fundamental rules. Learn how each game works and the winning options to ensure you do not miss out on an opportunity.

b. Practice: How can you tell you have mastered the game’s rules? You can practice! Many online bingo sites give you a chance to play demo games. Play these until you feel confident in your mastery of the rules. Only then should you consider playing for money.

c. Manage Your Expectations: Everyone wants to win in bingo. And there’s a high chance you could win. Even so, you should not sink all your savings into the game. It’s advisable to have a budget and stick to it to avoid going over it to chase losses. Managing your money will help you enjoy the game more.

Also, have fun! Bingo has always been a fun and simple game. And sometimes, focusing on its unique aspects helps you reap the most benefits from it.