Laroie confusion video

PREMIERE: “Confusion,” the new video by Montreal pop soul artist Laroie

The Gene Tellem-produced track is the second single from Laroie’s upcoming third EP.

Today, Montreal singer-songwriter Laroie is releasing “Confusion,” the second single from her upcoming third EP, which is coming out in the spring. Produced by Gene Tellem, “Confusion” comes with an R&B atmosphere, electronic groove and heartfelt lyrics.

This song hits close to home. It’s very personal, sensitive, vulnerable. It’s about love, heartbreak, separation, abandonment, what must be disrupted to move forward.”


Maïlis, who directed the video for “Confusion,” used her own take on the track to reflect it visually.

“To me, ‘Confusion’ represents our somewhat juvenile first love, the one we think will last forever. I wanted to capture visually the intensity of shared happiness, as well as the disappointing reality that catches up with you.”


Watch the video for “Confusion” by Laroie below.

Laroie — aka Gab Godon, who local hip hop fans may remember as half of the duo Heartstreets (alongside Emma Beko) — went solo in 2020 with a pop soul EP, followed up last year with the Speed of Life EP.

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