oxio internet pricing

oxio keeps internet pricing transparent at a time when most Canadians are watching every dollar

While “greed-flation” appears to be the new normal at the corporate level, this Quebec-based ISP continues to distinguish themselves from “big Telco BS.”

Inflation has driven the cost of living up in ways that are evident to everyone, and nowhere is the trend more frustrating than in price hikes on basic goods and services. Half of respondents to a recent Angus Reid Institute poll said they’ve been having a hard time feeding their families in the last few months, and 9 in 10 Canadians say they’ve had to cut back on spending in general. “Greed-flation” is a term we’ve heard a lot lately, especially in reference to grocery stores and other major corporations in Canada, who’ve had record-breaking profits over the past year.

oxio, a Quebec-based internet service provider that’s also available in B.C. and Ontario, has always contrasted their transparent pricing method with “big Telco BS” — specifically the shady billing practices of major telecommunications companies that thrive on keeping their clients in the dark. Given recent cost of living increases, oxio’s five package options, which start at $40 per month (lower than the market average of $46.49) are especially appealing.

The independent internet provider — which is not contract-based, doesn’t charge extra for installation, routers or modems and has never raised prices for existing clients — has a detailed breakdown of each plan on their website.

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