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Liberal 32%, Conservative 34%, NDP 19%: LÉGER

Almost 14 months after the 2021 federal election, voting intentions remain virtually unchanged.

According to the latest federal voting intentions poll in Canada by Léger, support for the Liberal Party is now 32%, 1 percentage point higher than last month. The Conservative Party is polling in first place at 34%, up 1 point from last month, while support for the NDP decreased 2 points to 19%.

Support for the Liberals is 1 point lower than their performance in the 2021 federal election, while support for the Conservatives is even. The NDP are now polling 1 point higher.

Liberal 32%, Conservative 34%, NDP 19%: Léger voting intentions poll

The official results of the 2021 federal election in Canada have been placed below, compared to the final Léger poll result two days ahead of the election, on Sept. 18.

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