Just 33% of Quebecers are satisfied with Legault’s record on the environment

Quebecers aged 18-34 and Montrealers are those most likely to show dissatisfaction with the CAQ’s record on climate change.

According to a study by Léger, just 33% of Quebecers believe the provincial government led by François Legault has met or surpassed their expectations regarding climate change and the protection of the environment.

Conversely, 51% believe Legault and the CAQ have underperformed on the environment.

Unsurprisingly, young people aged 18–34 (60%) were the most likely age group to show dissatisfaction with the CAQ’s record on the environment.

Those in Montreal (56%) were also the most likely to believe the Legault government is doing a poor job on the environment.

Mayor Valérie Plante has repeatedly called on the Quebec government to increase public transport investment in Montreal to respond to the climate emergency.

The latest Quebec election poll by Léger has found François Legault and the CAQ polling in first place with 38% support, 21 points ahead of the Quebec Liberal Party, which sits in second place.

The next Quebec election will take place on Oct. 3.

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