How To Protect Your Precious IT Equipment From Fire

Information technology is everything these days.

This article was produced in partnership with Control Fire Systems Ltd.

Every last gigabyte of data you own is backed up in the cloud, but you still don’t want anything bad happening to your physical computers. If your house catches on fire, it could melt everything into the dirt.

There are a few cool ways to protect your important files from burning houses, which we’ll look at right now. Make sure you follow these tips if you don’t want to lose anything. Files in the cloud aren’t exactly 100% safe.

1. Clean Agent Suppression Systems

What types of fire suppression system will best suit your fire safety needs when dealing with computers? You will need to look into clean agent suppression systems designed to protect electronic circuits.

The biggest problem with traditional sprinkler systems is water damage. Once the water starts falling from the ceiling, it will wreak havoc on circuit boards. Putting the fire out with a specialized gas is much more beneficial.

2. Fireproof Cabinets Save Files

Everyone enjoys talking about fancy things like server rack fire suppression systems, but don’t forget the basics when trying to stay safe. If you have fireproof cabinets in your office, they will protect your physical files.

It’s vital because you might need physical copies of documents straight after a fire, so a storage account on the internet won’t help. Make sure you spend a decent amount of money because cheap products aren’t perfect.

3. Digital Copies On Hard Drives

Always keep a digital hard copy of your data, which should be updated regularly. You must keep it safe where nobody else can access it. Small companies can probably get away with renting a secure deposit box in a fortified building.

Much larger companies are safer building a rock-solid vault deep inside their business, unknown to the outside world. You will always have something to fall back on, no matter what kind of attack you’re up against.

4. A Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Keep a carbon dioxide extinguisher beside your desk while you work. It should be small enough to fit inside one of your drawers. If you spot a small fire near appliances, spray it with CO2 as soon as possible.

It’s a good way to prevent tiny fires from growing into infernos. Fires should never cause problems if you’re around when they get going. You must get it recharged every time it’s been used to fix the seal.

5. Ask Electrician For Inspection

Ask an electrician to give everything a good inspection yearly. If you look into what starts most office fires, it’s faulty wiring. Imagine losing all your work because one little wire suddenly comes loose.

You can rest easier once a qualified electrician gives you the okay. Something may still go wrong, but it’s very unlikely. The contractor will let you know if they discover anything while examining the circuits.

Info-Tech Is Everything These Days

I don’t think anyone can imagine living without the internet anymore. That’s what it will probably feel like if you suddenly lose every piece of digital property you own.