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Carey Price still hopes to win a Stanley Cup, but has ruled out a risky knee surgery that could get him there

Price says he’s “a bit of an optimist” regarding his future in hockey, but mainly aims to live pain-free.

In a press conference at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard today, Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price said that though the odds of him playing again seem low, as “a bit of an optimist,” he hasn’t given up hope of winning a Stanley Cup — “in some aspect, whatever position that would be.” A reporter joked that he could be a winger, to which he responded that he wouldn’t mind “sniping a few” and having the opportunity to “hit a few goalies in the head.”

On a more serious note, Price suggested that he’s ruled out the invasive surgery that was recommended to him by a doctor in Pittsburgh last spring (osteochondral autograft transfer) as it could have negative consequences for his future mobility. The procedure, which he referred to as “worrisome” and “risky,” only has a 50% success rate and the recovery time is roughly one year.

Price’s current goal is to live pain-free day to day, “get healthy” by continuing his knee-rehab (which was ultimately unsuccessful last season) and then hopefully get to a point where he can train at a professional level again.

When asked how much he plans to be around the team, he said, “I’ll be around but I don’t want to get in the way.” He explained that while he wants to be part of the Habs organization and to see his teammates now and then, he will do so without being a distraction or using resources unnecessarily.

In a press conference last month, Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes suggested that Price could join the team in a more official alternative role. Today, Price responded to a request for elaboration on that by saying, “There’ll definitely be something in the works for sure.”

This is Price’s first press conference since being placed on LTIR on Sept. 8. Since then, he made several off-ice appearances with the Habs, notably coming out before the Montreal Canadiens’ home opener on Oct. 12 and receiving an epic standing ovation from the crowd. Today he called that ovation “heart-warming,” revealing that he felt an “overwhelming sense of gratitude.” He also said that every interaction he’s had with a fan over the past year and a half, since the Stanley Cup Finals loss in 2021 and throughout his mental- and physical-health challenges, “has been overwhelmingly positive, so I’ve been thankful for that.”

Carey Price hasn’t given up hope of winning a Stanley Cup, but his main goal is to live pain-free

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