5 Most Popular Sports for Betting in Canada

Ice Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, and the most popular sport for betting in the country.

Betting on various sports is one of the most prominent hobbies in Canada. Sports gambling is continuing to develop at a fast rate in the country and there are many top onlinesportsbooks offering their services. At BonusCodes.com you will find several of the best sports betting bonuses for Canada including a 1XBET promo code. You can use this bonus code when betting on the most popular sports in Canada, 5 of which you can find below.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, period. Therefore, it makes sense that it is also the most popular sport for betting in the country. There are millions of ice hockey fans in Canada and while only the best get to play for the top teams and represent their country, fans have the opportunity to back their local team and nation by betting online. Not only is it possible to bet on the National Hockey League but also other top leagues from around the world. Some ice hockey games have over 100 different markets and live betting is commonly available. There are several Canadian teams in the NHL and fans are happy to back them in games throughout the season.

CFL Football

The Canadian Football League may not have the global appeal of the NFL but for Canadian football fans, it is a wonderful way to bet. At the time of writing, there are 9 teams in the competition, split into two division based on location. Each team plays 18 games in the regular season over a 21 week period and this provides plenty of online betting opportunities. The playoffs begin in November and this is another great chance to bet on the CFL, with main markets and props, score props, and team props all on offer at the sportsbooks.


Basketball has grown to become a huge sport across the world but it remains at its best in North America, thanks to the National Basketball Association. Canada has produced some top NBA players over the years including Steve Nash, Andrew Wiggins, and Jamal Murray so there has always been interest in the sport for Canadian fans. The Toronto Raptors are the only Canadian team to play in the NBA but they are successful and were crowned NBA Champions in 2018/19. That victory added to the numbers wanting to watch and bet on basketball in Canada.


With teams playing in Major League Soccer, including CF Montréal, Toronto FC, and Vancouver Whitecaps, soccer is continuing to grow in popularity in Canada. The men’s national team qualified for the 2022 World Cup and there are some hugely talented individuals in the current Canadian squad. Soccer has long been a popular sport for betting across the world, especially in Europe and soccer betting fever is beginning to hit Canada. With so many markets on which to bet for each match, plus in-play betting opportunities, even those who only have a passing interest in soccer like to have a wager on the big games.


This may come as a surprise for many people living outside North America but lacrosse betting is extremely popular in Canada. Lacrosse was originally played by Indigenous people in North America and was designated as Canada’s national sport in 1859. It may not be as popular in other countries around the world but lacrosse continues to be one of the most popular sports in Canada in terms of playing, watching, and betting. Canada have won the Lacrosse World Championship three times, with the most recent success coming in 2014. With such a highly successful national team, lacrosse fans are happy to have a wager and back their country in the big competitions.