Three of the Best Movies Filmed in Montreal

Montreal has always had a healthy film industry, creating both global blockbusters and independent cinema.

Montreal has always had a healthy film industry, creating both global blockbusters and independent cinema. Yet the growth of streaming services has pushed production, with some excellent works coming out of the city. With so much to choose from, many of its great creations can fall between the cracks. Below, we give three of the best movies filmed in Montreal you should visit again.

The Last Casino

Few industries have undergone more change in the last 20 years than the gambling industry. The iGaming sector has flourished, providing new ways to access casinos and their games. A quick look through the best online slot sites shows how many casino games are available, and how many of them have close links to entertainment-based properties. From TV series like Narcos to films like Jurassic Park, online slots rely heavily on silver screen endorsement. Yet The Last Casino is of the old guard, a straight-up thriller set in a physical casino. 

The story follows a university professor, who is banned from casinos across Canada for the practice of card counting. He tries to recruit a group of able maths students who he can train and send to do the work for him. However, as with all schemes their plan comes undone as they realize the game is one of luck. 

Filmed in Montreal and Ottawa, the story draws a lot of its narrative from the true story of the MIT blackjack team, who tried a similar pursuit in the seventies. It showcases many spectacular Montreal locations, not least its beautiful casinos. 


This movie has a stellar cast, comprised of Robert de Niro, Kathy Baker, and Ed Harris. It is questionable if the movie would even work without them, never mind the classic, underrated drama it is.

In a deep study into relationships and trauma, De Niro plays Joseph Megessey, an ex-war veteran. He tries to bring Ed Harris’s character, Dave, back into society, while he also grapples with his own PTSD. However, Megessey soon finds himself falling for Dave’s carer and younger sister, Martha, causing tension between the three. 

Although set in Connecticut and being a thorough study of American life, the small town setting is reminiscent of many Canadian towns. It evokes the feeling of De Niro’s earlier movie The Deer Hunter, but benefits from a focus on the impact war have on three characters and their interactions as opposed to one central figure. 

Life of Pi

Filmed in Montreal, India, and Taiwan, this extraordinary tale was based on the smash hit book by Yann Martel, and was directed by Ang Lee. The movie starts in Montreal itself, following a writer as he meets a man named Pi Patel to write down his life story

This fantastical tale involves Pi getting stranded at sea with a host of zoo animals. Each of them is a metaphor for different types of human personality. At the end of the movie, the true story emerges which is brutal and vastly different from the magical tale that had gone before. The movie is a must-see, which blends fantasy and harsh realism in a fairytale narrative.