CAQ opposition léger divided

Léger: “It’s not that the CAQ is so strong; it’s that the opposition is divided”

The CAQ is currently polling at 38%, with the remaining 62% predominantly split between four other major parties.

The most recent Quebec election poll by Léger finds the CAQ polling at 38%, 22 points higher than the Liberal Party, Québec Solidaire and the Conservatives, who are all polling in second place with 16%. According to a statement last month by Léger President Jean-Marc Léger, this is the first election in Quebec history that includes five major parties, and the CAQ is benefiting from an opposition whose support remains divided.

“It’s not that the CAQ is so strong; it’s that the opposition is divided.”

—Jean-Marc Léger

According to Qc125, there is currently a 99% probability that François Legault and the CAQ will be reelected with a majority government on Oct. 3.

In a statement last week, Léger also confirmed that support for Legault would need to dip below 32% in order for him to lose his majority and instead win a minority government.

This article was originally published on Aug. 28 and updated on Sept. 26, 2022.

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