5+ Tips When Filing a Personal Injury Case

From hiring Steven Polak, Markham car accident lawyer to staying away from insurance providers.

This article was produced in partnership with Steven Polak, a Markham car accident lawyer.

If you’ve gotten into an accident and are looking to file a personal injury case, the points below will help. They include things to consider when looking for an attorney — such as Steven Polak, Markam car accident lawyer — knowing when to settle, and not talking to insurance providers. Keep reading for more information.

Go for a Settlement

You must know when to take the settlement instead of taking the personal injury case all the way. Unfortunately, it can take years to win it, so you may be better off settling. 

Get Legal Representation

Hiring a lawyer should be one of the first things you do. You need to work with someone who has a lot of experience and is highly qualified, so that you’ll be in good hands. Going through reviews will help you find the best attorney – you can see what others have said, and know if the lawyer that you’re interested in is any good.

It’s a smart idea to work with a lawyer that has a great reputation. Steven Polak, a Markham car accident lawyer, has a reputation as a good personal injury lawyer in Ontario. You may want to explore working with him.

Many lawyers have special payment plans that will let you pay them back when you win your case. Firms like Law123 Lawyer is one of the most reputed and offers this service.

Be Transparent

Once you have hired a personal injury attorney, you need to be as transparent with them as possible. They would only be able to build a strong case if they know all the details about what happened. Even if there are details that might incriminate you, or make you lose your case, you should still bring them up. It won’t end well if the other side uncovers them and uses them against you.

Don’t Talk to Insurance Providers

It is advised to avoid speaking to insurance providers in the beginning. They may try and back you into a corner, and force you into withdrawing your claim. If you must speak to an insurance provider, do this after speaking to your attorney, or in their presence. 

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Your Character Will be Assessed

If you’re not aware, your character will be assessed during the proceedings. Be prepared for the other party to try and make your character look bad so that they can win the case. Ask yourself whether there is any important information that can ruin your image, and then tell your lawyer about it too. For example, if you got hit during a car accident, the other side could bring up incidents of substance abuse and say that you were the irresponsible party.

Final Thoughts

There are several points to consider when filing a personal injury case. Hiring an experienced attorney, like Steven Polak, Markham car accident lawyer, knowing when to go for a settlement, and not going to insurance providers until you’ve spoken to your attorney are some of the few.