Anatha Fest High Klassified DJ Abeille Claudine langlois

Music and wellness festival Anatha Fest is happening from Aug. 12 to 14

Performers include High Klassified, Anyma, Sophia Bel, DJ Abeille and more.

Anatha Fest promises a weekend of live music and wellness activities as well as leave-no-trace camping, an experience for the senses and the soul. Founded in 2019, Anatha Fest takes place in Saint-Fortunat, Quebec, 2.5 hours northeast of Montreal, with this year’s edition running from Friday, Aug. 12 through Sunday, Aug. 14.

This year’s festival is presented by Montreal clothing brand EVERYDAY SUNDAY.

“Our mission is to bring more joy to the world, and we contribute to this through our six pillars: Music, Community, Movement, Spirituality, Well-being and Inclusiveness. This gathering is a perfect balance to connect with nature, humans and especially with oneself. It is through conferences, workshops and lively evenings that you will live an incredible experience where magic is present everywhere.”

—Anatha Fest

The music lineup includes High Klassified, Sophia Bel and DJ Abeille. Among the activities are meditation, yoga, a cocoa ceremony and conferences on subjects like self-love and tantra kundalini. Vegan cuisine will be served.

For more information and tickets, please click here, and check out the schedules for Friday, Saturday and Sunday below.

Music and wellness festival Anatha Fest is happening from Aug. 12 to 14

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