Best sights to see in Montreal 

Montreal has plenty of sights to see, but how do you know where to start?

Montreal is a beautiful city to visit if you’re a tourist or even if you’ve lived here all your life. There are plenty of fun and interesting sights to see; you could spend days wandering around the city and still not see it all! There’s plenty of great food, live music almost every night, and interesting events going on all the time throughout the city. If you’re coming to Montreal to visit or if you want something interesting to do over a weekend, we want to give you our recommendations for the best sites to see in Montreal.

Walk Through Old Montreal

The old town, or Vieux Montreal as the locals would say, is one of the biggest tourist areas in the city. The district plays host to a number of old buildings, some dating back as far as the 17th century, which would make them some of the oldest remaining buildings in North America! The layout of the district is reminiscent of a Parisian quarter, and given the popularity of the French language in Montreal, it really does feel like a European city! There are plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops, and galleries around this area, so if you’re coming for a few days, this is the best place to base yourself. There are plenty of attractions to see in this part of the city, including the Bonsecours Market, the Notre Dame Basilica, and the Rue Saint Paul. If you want a great view of a city, there is a Ferris wheel (La Grand Roue de Montréal) on the waterfront where you can see the city spread out before you. Those who are a little more adventurous might want out the Tyrolienne MTL zipline!

Jardin Botanique

At the site of the 1976 Olympic Games is a stunning beautiful botanical garden. Parc Maisonneuve is home to thousands of different varieties of plants and is a great way to spend an afternoon if the weather is nice. The park is split into 30 themed gardens and 10 greenhouses, each with a different theme. A wide range of climates and locales are represented amongst these gardens, so there’s plenty to discover! Some of the highlights of the outdoor gardens include the beautiful Japanese and Chinese gardens that manage to capture the botanical essence of these countries. Some of the other garden themes include aquatic, alpine, shade, medicinal, and even toxic plants. The massive greenhouses play host to ferns, bonsai trees, orchids, and bromeliads – they’ve managed to squeeze a tropical rainforest into one of them! If you’re a keen gardener, you won’t want to miss it.

Notre Dame Island

The Île Notre Dame is a man-made island that was created from 15 million tons of rock gathered from the excavation of the Montreal Metro System in 1965. The island officially opened in 1967 and is located on the Saint Lawrence River. The island hosts attractions all year round. The Olympic Basin is on the island, which is the largest artificial rowing basin in North America. There is also a beach on the island for the summer months, and a skating rink is available during the winter months. The island also hosts the Canadian Grand Prix each year at the Jacques Villeneuve Circuit. The impressive Casino de Montreal is also on the island, with year-round gaming inside a futuristic-looking building. Even if you can’t make it to the casino, you can replicate the experience by playing online casino games at home. These games offer an immersive experience for the player, whether it’s online slots with fantastic animations or live dealer casino games. Online slots have come a long way since their early days; there are now hundreds to choose from, including jackpot slots, classic slots, video slots, and more! If you want to try these games before you gamble with your own money, sites like Vegas Slots Online let you try the games for free, so you can find the game you like the best. Whether you’re looking to get the full casino experience or just kick back and have some fun, you’ll find a site that’s right for you.

We could have filled this list with another dozen things to do around Montreal; such is the scope of this city. The best way to experience it is to walk around it as much as possible, breathe in the culture, and open yourself up to everything Montreal has to offer.