5 Different Ways Lawyers Can Get the Jury on Your Side

Your lawyer must do everything possible to get the jury on your side.

If you’re in the middle of a jury trial, it’s one of the scariest moments of your life. You know complete strangers have the power to send you to prison for years, which could destroy everyone in your family.

Let’s look at a few ways great lawyers will fight to keep the jury on your side. How can you show those people you’re innocent of the crimes they’re saying you committed?

1. Watch How the Jury Are Reacting

Your Scarborough criminal defence should be studying the jury while talking to witnesses.

A good lawyer will be able to do things that turn the jury in your favor, but they’ll need to watch them first to get a good read on them.

2. Focusing on Important Information

Lawyers need jurors to focus on certain information. It could hurt your case if they’re focusing on irrelevant stuff. TheĀ minimum sentence for serious crimes means they can’t take any chances.

Every lawyer will have a couple of main points they want jurors to know during a trial, which they’ll mention regularly so nobody forgets. It’s tough to remember what’s important without help because trials are complicated.

3. Use Effective Basic Illustrations

Have you listened to some witnesses speaking to jurors? Sometimes it feels like they’re speaking a foreign language to anyone without a Ph.D. It’s why the best lawyers enjoy using basic illustrations when trying to get a point across.

It makes it easier for the average person to understand what’s happening. If jurors understand what you’re trying to say, it’s more likely they’ll reach the right verdict.

4. Lawyers Testifying to the Jury

It should feel like lawyers are testifying during cross-examination. They should be painting a detailed story for the jury to follow, and the witness answering the questions should just be giving yes and no answers.

Lawyers shouldn’t ask open-ended questions because you never know what someone will say, but it’s sometimes done if they know the exact answer someone will give. Cross-examination should be your turn to get the jury on your side.

5. Experts Should Be Teaching People

Experts can’t just tell jurors to believe them because they’re qualified. Every side will be able to find someone who agrees with their side of the story. Your lawyer needs to make sure the expert is teaching the jury.

Jurors should have a good idea of why experts come to their conclusions. If they don’t have a clue what’s happening, you have no idea how things will play out when they’re trying to reach a verdict.

Your Fate Rests In Their Hands

Your lawyer must do everything possible to get the jury on your side. If they decide you’re guilty, you could spend a very long time behind bars.