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“I hope the Pope’s visit and apology allows Indigenous peoples to move forward on the path of healing”

Premier François Legault shared his thoughts about the Pope’s visit to Quebec.

As Pope Francis wraps up this week’s papal visit to Canada in Iqaluit today, Quebec Premier François Legault shared some thoughts about meeting the Pope and about the visit’s impact on Indigenous peoples in Quebec and across Canada. Legault referred to the Pope’s apology for the Church’s role in the residential school system, to the provincial government’s cooperation in investigations into past atrocities and its role in the truth and reconciliation process going forward.

“A very warm meeting with Pope Francis in the company of my wife Isabelle. He was told about access to Church records for Indigenous peoples, following what happened in residential schools, including sexual abuse.

“I also spoke to him about the place of the Catholic Church in Quebec. I sincerely hope that the presence of the pope and his apologies will allow indigenous peoples to move forward on the path of healing.

“The Government of Quebec will continue to be present alongside the Aboriginal communities to accompany and support them in this process, with compassion and humanity.”

—François Legault

Quebec Premier François Legault on meeting Pope Francis and the impact of his apology on Indigenous peoples

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