Osheaga style fashion 2022 gallery

PHOTOS: Osheaga style 2022

Osheaga is back, and so is bold festival style.

The 15th anniversary edition of Osheaga kicked off on Friday, heralding a major comeback for Montreal’s summer music festival after two years of cancellations, as well as a comeback of festival style.

Like some of the bands on stage, some of the style trends on display were looks we’ve seen at Parc Jean-Drapeau before, like groups of women and men in matching outfits — typically with women in some kind of revealing lace and men in matching tees or short-suits with goofy patterns — as well as inflatable sharks as accessories.

Bucket hats, crop-tops, cowboy boots, crocheted everything, bicycle shorts and ass-hugging casual flares (basically festival-level yoga pants) were clear favourites among the ladies in attendance.

But gimmicky attire and the practical/basic majority-look aside, some Osheaga attendees went in more daring style directions, or simply put together a solid ensemble that turned a lot of heads.

Here are the looks that caught our eye.

Osheaga continues July 30 and 31. For the program and to buy tickets, please visit the festival’s website.

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