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Finally, some Quebec-grown cannabis to enhance your park hangs

“Hilariously, the strain of this DLYS Sabrevois grow lot is called ‘Skunk Shocker’ (whatever the flying fuck that means), so I know I’m in for a treat.”

This month, I’m taking on a strain from DLYS (which I’m assuming is pronounced like fleur-de-lys?), Quebec’s first collective of provincially approved regional cannabis micro-producers. Since it’s notoriously hard to get a permit to grow weed in Quebec, relative to other provinces, it’s awesome to see an initiative like this come around and help get regional growers’ plants onto SQDC store shelves. The one I’m about to detail my experience with is Sabrevois: grown in Sainte-Anne-de-Sabrevois, just south of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Keep reading to find out whether the quality of weed matches the number of hyphens!

DLYS Sabrevois

DLYS Sabrevois skunk shocker Quebec-grown cannabis park hangs
Quebec-grown cannabis strain Skunk Shocker from DLYS Sabrevois

This craft-grown variety is a well-balanced hybrid, clocking in at a hefty 23.7% THC. Hilariously, the strain of this grow lot is called “Skunk Shocker” (whatever the flying fuck that means), so I know I’m most likely in for quite a treat. The buds are a bit brown, but they’re moist enough that they don’t feel old or brittle— not always easy to find at the SQDC. It goes down pretty smoothly when smoked, as it has a nice, almost fruity taste to it without being very harsh on your lungs. Despite being mildly skunky (and not as shocking as the name suggests), it’s a relaxing head high, and boasts a good amount of staying power once smoked. It’s also a nice strain for daytime smoking, which I enjoy since I’m not usually a fan of lighting up during broad daylight. This should be music to the ears of anyone reading this who’s looking for something to smoke during their park hangs. In fact, I tested this theory out while at Parc Laurier with two of my closest guy friends. During a game of frisbee, in which I was admittedly pretty blasted, I somehow forgot how to properly throw a frisbee. As such, I was so high that I completely botched one throw, much to my buddies’ amusement. Not only did I throw it in the wrong direction I’d intended, it hardly went anywhere at all. Turns out if you do too much of this stuff, it’ll literally throw you off your game. At least the high was satisfying enough to justify the laughs at my expense! 8.5/10

This article originally appeared in the June 2022 issue of Cult MTL.

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