Bob Odenkirk Just for Laughs

Bob Odenkirk is coming to Just for Laughs!

The festival announced this morning that the actor and his son will be leading a Comedy PRO panel about their podcast Summer in Argyle.

Just for Laughs announced this morning that Bob Odenkirk is coming to Montreal to participate in the Comedy PRO component of the festival, which runs from July 27–30. The panel, titled An Ear for Comedy With Bob and Nate Odenkirk, will take place on Thursday, July 28 at the DoubleTree by Hilton (Nate being Odenkirk’s son). They will be discussing their Audible Original podcast Summer in Argyle.

“The world of Argyle, Ohio may be a great town that’s proud to be just okay — but it is brought to life in a very spectacular way as a hilarious soundscape of voices, music and SFX in their popular Audible Original podcast Summer in Argyle. Bob Odenkirk and Nate Odenkirk, along with a panel of expert comedy audio producers and executives take us through the process of making the story of one town, one murder and one million hotdogs, one sound at a time.”

—Just for Laughs

Bob Odenkirk is best known for his role as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (and has played a number of other dramatic roles, notably the recent action film Nobody), but is also a comedy legend given his work on the awesome and highly influential ’90s series Mr. Show With Bob and Dave, among other things.

This week Odenkirk was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Leader Actor in a Drama Series for Better Call Saul, which has just begun airing the second part of its final season on AMC.

Bob Odenkirk is coming to Just for Laughs!

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