Montreal to-do list to do MURAL Festival Shepard Fairey


MURAL, Fringe, Francos and Festival sur le Canal, gallery weekend, the Grand Prix and more.

Your daily Montreal To-Do List, with events listed in chronological order.

Friday, June 17

1. Free entry to 20 Montreal galleries all weekend

Galerie Weekend Montréal

2. Jackie Robinson documentary Dear Jackie weekend premieres

Dear Jackie explores Jackie Robinson’s years in Montreal

3. Festival sur le Canal, Friday through Sunday

The Planet Smashers, Patrick Krief, Hanorah and many more play Festival sur le Canal

Saturday, June 18

4. Last weekend for MURAL Festival

Live art, live music, DJ sets and the St-Laurent street fair converge for MURAL

5. Loud Lary Ajust live at Francos

Loud Lary Ajust return for Francos

Sunday, June 19

6. The Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal

The Grand Prix is back

7. 2022 Fringe Festival wraps with Frankie Awards

The final weekend for Fringe Festival 2022 wraps with the Frankie Awards

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