Piknic Electronik to do montreal To-Do list

Piknic Électronik. Photo by Ash


St-Jean block parties, street fairs and biergartens across the city, dance parties, concerts, comedy shows and more.

Your daily Montreal To-Do List, with events listed in chronological order.

Friday, June 24

1. SudBest St-Jean party with music, food & vendors

SubBest weekend kicks off with music by Lost Heroes, Lexis and Poirier today

2. Village au Pied du Courant party, St-Jean edition

East End St-Jean fun

3. House of Barbara’s Carte Noire party

Elle Barbara’s House of Barbara and Suoni per il Popolo presents Carte Noire

Saturday, June 25

4. A Summer Solstice Electro Party at Mile End’s Marché des Possibles

Behave Music presents a Summer Solstice Electro Party

5. Comedy Blockbuster with Derek Séguin and Joey Elias

Joey Elias & Derek Séguin double bill at Cleopatra

6. Waxahatchee at Théâtre Corona

Birmingham, Alabama indie rockers Waxahatchee

Sunday, June 26

7. Le Petit Marché de Villeray

La Ruelle Vintage presents le Petit Marché de Villeray

8. 100% Vinyle weekend at Hochelaga’s Jardin de la Pépinière

Zamalfunk and Asma on the turntables

9. TDJ, High Klassified and more at Piknic Electronik

Piknic Électronik

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