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The greatest show room in Montreal is back — long live Casa del Popolo!

Along with Casa, Johnson Cummins’ big gig picks of the week return, with a focus on the Suoni per il Popolo festival.


Please excuse the weak AF intro but I’m a little out of practice here. After taking a break with the rest of the world for the past couple of years, I was a little hesitant about bringing back the regular Hammer of the Mods online edition. But finally, flying in the face of the ongoing threat of monkeypox, Hammer of the Mods is putting its big girl/boy suit back on and letting you street urchins know where the fuckin’ gigs are at. Please be kind with with me though, as the first couple of columns will be like a shiddy uncle at the open bar at your cousin’s bar mitzvah (ie. a little out of the swing of things) but I’m sure the incredible journalism hoo-hah you’ve come to expect from a column called (ahem) Hammer of the Mods should be hiding just around the corner. 

The real reason I’m propping up this rickety stage was the onslaught of people who have come out of the woodwork and complained that their favourite bands had come and gone through town. Seems there was no influencer (that would be me, Fucko) hipping you L7s to where the hip and happenin’ gigs are. So put down yer jazz cigarettes, stop poppin’ them mollys and listen up to what this middle-aged bald man is laying down ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!

Thursday, June 9

Suoni per il Popolo maintains its iron grip on Mile End and tonight’s soirée should appeal to those of you who like your guitar jams with a frothing side of skronk: Emily Robb will teach you how to moonwalk with a slathered fuzz that electrifies in new forms.

Continuing in the solo setting with a lone guitar is David Nance, who proves he’s a card-carrying member of the Voidoids fanclub. Does Nance sound like he could’ve been in the Voidoids in CBGB’s greatest period while deflecting Richard Hell’s ego and scrounging around Lower East Side bodegas in our lord’s year 1977? Maybe, but don’t ask me cuz I mainly listen to non-makeup-era Kiss.

Eliza Kavtion is putting in one of three Suoni performances tonight but this will be the only el solo lobo gigger. I must admit, though, I checked out Kavtion’s Bandcamp page and was gravely disappointed. The lead track is named after one of the greatest comedians ever to stomp the pines, Red Skelton, but outside of the hooky title, there’s no mention of the great man in the song at all, or even a mere sample fercrisakes…whoops, scratch that, it’s actually called “Red Skeleton,” whatevs.

In the super duper opening slot is ex-Gashratter Sesame Snaps, so get there early, and put your fuggin’ bells on, by Jimmy.

This six-string slinger stinger is all going down at le Chateau (not the bankrupt clothing store, duh, poseur!). 6545 Durocher, 9 p.m., $10

Friday, June 10

Another Suoni ginger for the win. For all of those who are not tech bros (ew, totes gross), you are probs hip that Casa is back up and swinging again and that means — NACHOS! Oh, and gigs and stuff, too. To help herald the return of Montreal’s greatest room, you can do the worm and skank in the pit (or whatev you punkers do) along with Toronto pottymouths S.H.I.T., with openers Home Front and Total Nada. Hmmmmm, Suoni gig of the fest??? Again, I wouldn’t know as I thought Kiss’s best record was Lick It Up with Vinnie “don’t call me Pepe” Vincent. Hotcha!!! 4873 St-Laurent, doors 7 p.m., show 7:30 p.m., $17.85

Current Obsession: 20/20, Demos

If you want to continue getting your Suoni on, please visit the festival’s website.

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