François Legault Simon Jolin-Barrette

François Legault claims to be a centrist politician, shares a Charlie Rose video

Bill 21, Bill 96, slamming multiculturalism — this is centrist politics?

Yesterday, on St-Jean Baptiste Day (aka la Fête nationale), Quebec Premier François Legault described himself as a centrist politician, despite the decidedly right-wing legislation put forward by his party the CAQ — notably Bill 21 as well as Bill 96. Legault also made a statement on Thursday criticizing multiculturalism (echoing his French-language Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette’s comments on the same day), in which he said, “It’s important that we don’t put all cultures on the same level; that’s why we oppose multiculturalism.”

Legault referred to himself as centrist while sharing a video of an interview by disgraced American media personality Charlie Rose. Rose’s career made a comeback this spring after he was fired by CBS in 2017 amid allegations of workplace harassment by dozens of women.

“Excellent interview by Charlie Rose with Ray Dalio on, among other things, the importance of practising politics in the centre, away from the extreme left and right.”

—François Legault

François Legault claims to be a centrist politician, shares Charlie Rose video

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