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Today is Multiculturalism Day

…a day when Canada celebrates its greatest strength: diversity.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has released a statement about Canadian Multiculturalism Day, citing multiculturalism as part of what makes Canadians who we are. He also invited Canadians to celebrate differences, diversity and the cultural communities that contribute so much to Canada, as well as mentioning Canada’s tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees from around the world.

“Canada’s proud and longstanding tradition of welcoming people from around the world with open arms continues to shape our country today. Last year, the Government of Canada welcomed over 405,000 new permanent residents into the country, the largest number of newcomers to Canada in a single year, surpassing the previous record from 1913.

“Canada was also the global leader in resettling refugees in 2021, helping them establish roots and start a new life here. All across the country, newcomers start businesses in their communities, volunteer to help those who need it, and contribute fully to our local economies. Canada is better for it.”

—Justin Trudeau

For the full statement from Justin Trudeau on Multiculturalism Day in Canada, please click here.

Today is Multiculturalism Day, a day when Canada celebrates its greatest strength: diversity

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