Does Crypto Need More Representation in the Entertainment Industry to Enter the Mainstream?

There has clearly been a rise in crypto-themed content in recent times, but not enough to push it into the mainstream.

Crypto investors have been through numerous false dawns over the last few years, believing that the revolutionary assets are about to hit the mainstream only to have their hopes dashed when the market crashes. Bitcoin and other digital assets are currently enduring another crypto winter, and people are now wondering what it will take for them to finally become ubiquitous.

There’s an argument to suggest that the entertainment industry will have the biggest effect on cryptocurrencies in the future. This will include sites accepting payments with it, most certainly. But people could also gain trust in Bitcoin and others by seeing more content based on them.

Crypto-Themed Offerings Emerging in Gaming Sector

One of the reasons why Bitcoin isn’t a world-renowned payment method yet is that many people are unwilling to put their trust in it. Developers in the gaming industry are striving to change perceptions, though, and enhance the reputation of cryptocurrency by making it more familiar to the masses.

In the mobile sector, there are tons of games that either involve their own forms of cryptocurrency or spread the word about existing ones. These include the likes of Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and Splinterlands. There are also plenty of titles that are beginning to introduce NFTs within them. Gods Unchained, a card game from the makers of Magic: The Gathering, is a good example of this.

The online casino industry is likely to play a huge role in the growth of cryptocurrency as well. When users play at Bodog and win big, they can choose to get paid out in Bitcoin if they wish. The site also has games to appeal to crypto enthusiasts, with the Crypto Gold slot featuring a giant Bitcoin symbol on its thumbnail.

Which TV Shows Have Explored Crypto Themes?

There aren’t many series or movies out there that are solely based on crypto, but there are loads of offerings that mention it and have storylines revolving around it. Mr. Robot is probably the most famous example in recent times, and the innovative series has been lauded for always keeping its finger on the pulse. Aside from nods to Bitcoin, the show has its own fictional cryptocurrency, Ecoin.

Black Mirror has often explored ideas about future technology and the impact it could have, and its creators have found time to comment on cryptocurrency as well. Fifteen Million Merits was the second-ever episode of the hit dystopian series, and it imagined a world in which people could earn credits by watching ads or completing exercises such as cycling. FSR refers to this as one of the best episodes to help someone spark an interest in Black Mirror.

Other places to see cryptocurrency themes include the top Guardian pick, Billions, Coins, and Silicon Valley. All of these offerings have enjoyed success, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a greater number of TV series exploring crypto in the future.

There has clearly been a rise in crypto-themed content in recent times, but not enough to push it into the mainstream. Perhaps if creators made more content highlighting the benefits of crypto, it would help its usage surge.