Montreal streets pedestrian-only summer

10 Montreal streets are going pedestrian-only this summer

The city is investing $12-million in pedestrianization projects over three years.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has announced that 10 streets in the city will be pedestrian-only this summer. The city will provide $12-million in funding for the pedestrianization of Montreal commercial arteries over a three-year period.

10 pedestrian-only streets in Montreal summer

  1. Mont-Royal From St-Laurent to Fullum
  2. Wellington From 6th Avenue to Regina
  3. Ste-Catherine E. From St-Hubert to Papineau
  4. Ontario E. From Pie-IX to Darling
  5. Duluth E. From St-Laurent to St-Hubert
  6. St-Denis From Sherbrooke to de Maisonneuve, as well as Emery Street
  7. Ste-Catherine W. From St-Laurent to Bleury, as well as Clark, from de Montigny to the loading dock of the Maison du développement durable
  8. Places du Marché-du-Nord (Jean-Talon Market) From Casgrain to Henri-Julien
  9. Bernard From Wiseman to Bloomfield
  10. De Castelnau E. From St-Denis to de Gaspé

“The boroughs, business owners, residents, customers, passers-by and tourists appreciate the quality of life offered by pedestrianization projects. They have also become a signature and a staple of summer in Montreal and contribute directly to commercial vitality. We therefore wish to encourage the boroughs and associations of merchants to continue to operate this way. These projects are not only good for the economy, they also contribute directly to the attractiveness of Montreal. We will continue to support them.”

—Valérie Plante

10 Montreal streets are going pedestrian-only this summer

This article was originally published on April 4 and updated on June 9, 2022.

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