Trudeau: Putin’s attempt to silence Canadian journalists in Russia is unacceptable

Russia has closed the CBC’s Moscow bureau in retaliation against Canada’s ban of Russian state TV.

In an apparent response to the ban on Russian state TV station Russia Today in Canada, the Kremlin has closed the CBC bureau in Moscow, sending a number of Canadian journalists packing by cancelling their visas and accreditation. This of course hampers the CBC’s efforts to report on the ongoing war on Ukraine.

This afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a statement about the expulsion, calling out Russian President Vladimir Putin for silencing Canadian media from reporting the facts about the ongoing invasion, now in its second month.

“Putin’s decision to expel Canadian media from Moscow is an attempt to silence them from reporting the facts, and it is unacceptable. Journalists must be able to work safely — free from censorship, intimidation, and interference. That is something Canada will always stand up for.”

—Justin Trudeau

Trudeau: Putin’s attempt to silence Canadian journalists in Moscow is unacceptable

According to CBC, last month Russia sanctioned 61 Canadians, including a number of CBC employees and other Canadian journalists.

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