Canada federal ban on handguns implement

Canada needs to implement a federal ban on handguns

Two-thirds of Canadians don’t trust the provinces to get the job done.

A study by the Angus Reid Institute on gun control in Canada has found that two-thirds of Canadians (66%) would prefer a federal policy to ban handguns, rather than leave decisions on the matter to the provinces.

According to a previous Angus Reid poll in April 2020, 67% of Canadians are in favour of a total ban on the civilian possession of handguns.

“While the Liberal government has mandated the assault weapon ban nationwide, it has taken a different approach to handguns. In December, the federal government announced a $1-billion fund to assist provinces if those jurisdictions wanted to ban handguns.

“Two-thirds of Canadians are opposed to the federal government’s current position of leaving it to the provinces — which some have criticized because they believe it will result in an ineffective “patchwork” of rules and regulations. One-quarter (23%) disagree and believe provinces should have the flexibility to decide their own laws.”

—Angus Reid Institute
Canada needs to implement a federal ban on handguns

Last year, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante called on all federal parties in Canada to implement a ban on handguns.

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